The Sherpa

What do you get when you put a baby boomer and a gen Y in a small room together? Well, if the room happens to be the Deus Temple's shaping bay then things get pretty interesting. And if the two folks happen to be legendary surfer/shaper Bob McTavish and professional water slider Harrison Roach, all we could do is sit back and wait for the magic to happen. Over the years, the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm has always been somewhere that facilitated a meeting of the minds. Whether it was Tyler Warren shaping boards for 'Salsa' and trading shapes with Ellis Ericson or Ryan Burch doing a stint in the bay, getting experimental with his shapes and using Indonesia's shores as his testing ground, figuring out what worked and leaving some of his boards behind for others to enjoy and get inspiration from. But this latest collaboration is one that has us really excited.

Bob and Harrison have been exchanging ideas and creating new takes on old surfboard designs for the last five years. It all started with Bob shaping a modified version of his Iconic Bluebird single fin for Harrison, a board that performed perfectly in big barreling waves in North Indonesia, as seen in South To Sian. We've seen what the duo could do together and it just works. To say the least, Bob is a genius with a planer and Harrison, who puts the boards to test throughout the world, understands which design features make the magic happen under his feet. Their relationship represents the 'look back to move forward' ethos that works so well with surfboards. Harrison has an idea – Bob makes it a reality.

It's with massive excitement that we announce our latest and maybe greatest yet concept sled, The Sherpa.