The Yellow Land Marine Cool N' Vintage

Cool ’n’ Vintage began as a small garage in Portugal, specializing in restoring vintage Land Rovers and other vehicles. Ricardo Pessoa started the company in 2012, working with a number of different vehicle types before eventually finding his true calling and working exclusively with Land Rovers.

The small Portuguese company grew rapidly, gaining global attention and a reputation in the vintage 4×4 community, with the main point of difference, interest and contention being their use of bright and sometimes untraditional colors.

The restoration of vintage vehicles brings with it two different schools of thought – a moral compass, which swings between the purist and the innovator.

Pessoa believes the beauty and success of their projects lies in their ability to balance the two – to play in the area of ‘heritage’ and ‘innovation’, to create something which respects the heritage of the vehicle but excites people at the same time.

Carby Tuckwell, Co-founder & Creative Director of Deus Ex Machina, has always possessed an interest and appreciation of vintage Land Rovers. Tuckwell began to admire the work of Cool’n’vintage; their interesting builds, attention to detail, clean design – but particularly, their use of color.

Deus has always looked to challenge people’s preconceived ideas of what a motorcycle brand is allowed to do. Having blurred these lines and forged a reputable name in the world of custom motorcycles, apparel, surf, art, music and food, it seemed only right to extend the Deus philosophy from two wheels to four.

Naturally, Cool ‘n’ Vintage were the perfect partner to take on such a project.

The car of choice, a 1966 Land Rover Series 2A.

2.25L petrol engine, 2 door, long wheel based, tray-back.

A former fire engine that hadn’t run for decades, but complete enough to restore.

CnV approach every build from the ground up, beginning with a complete strip back and re-build which typically takes around 1,000 hours, ensuring every meticulous detail has been covered.

The Deus x Cool ‘n’ Vintage YELLOW LAND MARINE Nr86 (the 86th car CnV have rolled out of their garage) features a hand painted Deus art graphic chassis, series 3 gearbox, parabolic springs, uprated telescopic shock absorbers, new bushings, new brake lines, fuel-lines and fixings, custom badges, BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tires and is finished in an ‘AA Yellow’, a subtle ‘color nod’ to the 95’ US Land Rover Defender.