URGNT SLNC / URGNT SNDS - Farid Stevy Asta

The time has rolled around for a new art exhibition to grace the Deus Gallery's now blank walls. We are very fortunate and excited to be hosting artist, Farid Stevy Asta, and his show entitled “URGNT SLNC / URGNT SNDS." The exhibition will open on Thursday the 24th of March at 7pm.
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Farid graduated from university in Jogjakarta in 2007 and has been tearing it up in the urban art scene ever since. He says he gets alot of his inspiration from the likes of Jean Michel Basquait, Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons...as well as gathering ideas from the street, skating and Indie Culture.
Like most artists, Farid's talent is not limited only to the canvas...he also is the lead singer for the garage rock band 'Jenny,' who's gigs draw people put of the woodwork whenever gather to play. The band will be making the journey from Jogjakarta with Farid to put on a live acoustic set on the opening night of the exhibition.
The URGNT SLNC / URGNT SNDS is a series of hard-hitting images from popular culture..layered and layered using various materials and techniques...stenciling, cutting, splattered paint, varnishes, scratches. Its gonna be a good one...so slide on down to the Deus Gallery Thursday night and admire the art sprouting from the local scene. Call ahead for table reservations - +62 361 3683386