When did things begin to Unravel

When did things begin to Unravel
Unravel made its Bali debut at the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm on January 22, 2022. It was the island's first introduction to this fabulously unique platform of personal narrative storytelling and it happened in front of a captivated crowd of people here in the Deus Backyard. A double first was that this was Unravel’s first live show outside of China, and it was directed and hosted by the Unravel founder herself, Clara Elizabeth Davis.

There's always a theme to the show, and this nights was GROW. It featured six storytellers hailing from all over the world; India, Italy, Canada, America, Russia, and an Indonesian. They all shared personal accounts of either their experiences, challenges, and or transformations that were pivotal in some way, shape or form, in helping them to Grow. From overcoming addiction, to finding opportunity and coincidence where you least expect it, from dreams of fatherhood, to vivid memories of lugging a tractor wheel up and down an elevator shaft, (you had to be here for that one)… the stories twisted and turned across timelines and continents, they pushed and pulled the audience with them; people laughed and they cried. But by nights end, all were inspired and more connected.

Unravel isn’t new, it was founded by Clara in Shanghai, China in 2017, since then she and her team have been hosting sold out live shows featuring curated lineups of personal narrative stories, sourced from the community, and inspired by a given theme, in cities across China. And now she has come to Bali.

You can find out more about Unravel from the links below, but to give you a brief overview. Unravel stories are 5-10 minutes in length, narrative in structure, and are from each of the different storytellers’ real lives. Oh, and they are not read allowed to read from a script. People are not just let loose upon the stage, all of the stories and storytellers attend workshops with the Unravel team.

*Stay tuned for details on the next show / theme!*

To keep up with Unravel -
Check out their Bali Instagram: @unravelstorytellingbali
Send them an email: stories@unravelstorytelling.com
Have a look at their website: www.unravelstorytelling.com


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